The Swipe Agency

As The Swipe Agency, or Swipe for short, I have consulted with a wide variety of clients and projects. Most have been early-stage companies with a focus on the mobile experience. Here are a few of my favorites.

The Go Game

Visual DesignUX DesignHTMLCSS

I worked with The Go Game, makers of outrageously fun real-world adventures for your company’s team, to help re-design their game platform from the ground up, in order to incorporate features and functionality that they’ve dreamt up over the last 12 years of real-world gaming. The new platform is called ‘Breadcrumb’ and it now powers The Go Game. Built with the Django and Ember frameworks, this powerful suite of web applications allows them to do some really cool stuff. By leveraging all the bells and whistles of a native mobile app from within the browser, Breadcrumb is cross-platform and easy to update.

My Cute Friend

BrandingVisual DesignUX DesignMobile Design

Dating online can be a strange, strange place – that’s why I was I happy to work with the founders of MyCuteFriend to help redesign their MVP for their disruptive app. MyCuteFriend creates a safe and fun experience for women by only allowing men to join who are first recommended by other women members. At the conclusion of the project, I also helped to pitch the app onstage at the Launch Festival in San Francisco.