Widgetbox enabled people to create or aggregate content into web widgets that could be easily shared and distributed anywhere on the web. In February 2011, Widgetbox rebranded as Flite and focused on online and mobile advertising. In late 2016, Flite was acquired by Snap, Inc.

As my formative UX design experience, I learned a lot at Widgetbox!
Some of the things I worked on while there included:

  • Designing and implementing all stages of HTML and Flash mockups, starting from whiteboards to functional code.
  • Designing interactive widgets and applications viewed by millions on sites including Facebook, Bebo, Orkut, Hi5, Blogger, and iGoogle.
  • Designing the interactive ad units used by Widgetbox’s proprietary in-widget advertising system which delivers to billions of annual impressions.
  • Assisting the Director of UX in creating the identity and brand of Widgetbox, as well as construct the UX principles that guide future designs and products.
  • Translating user feedback or business requirements into visual user interfaces or product refinements.